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Nov 21, 2012 4:00am PST
economy in a lot of cities. you think about how are new york and atlantic city, how are they going to sort of recover post- hurricane sandy? that's really about tourism dollars there. so that makes a huge difference all across the economy, is sort of fueling those tourism dollars. the other piece of it is, we are just better workers and we get better work done when we are well-rested and take vacations. study after study shows while we may worry that taking vacation time makes us look bad at work, we are actually more creative and more productive when we take vacation. and it's better for our employers, too. so, people who take their vacation time are more likely to stay at their jobs because they are just happier there. > > what are some other reasons why we skip vacations? i have a feeling some of that has to do with we don't want to let our co-workers down. if you are gone, that means somebody has to cover for you. > > there is a lot of guilt associated with vacation, that is for sure. and that's one of the reasons why americans, even when we sort of look like we're taking vacation
Nov 27, 2012 4:00am PST
the lowest vacancy are portland, new york, and minneapolis. your fingerprint may soon make a bigger impression than your signature when paying with a credit card. discover financial services is testing "paying by fingerprint" among its own employees. staffers who want to participate sign up for the service and can then use touch pads to pay for items in the company cafeteria or convenience store. discover is hoping to develop both a safer and more convenient way to complete a purchase. down, but reportedly not out: according to the wall street journal, there's "a flood" of interested buyers looking to acquire hostess's iconic brands. georgia-based flowers foods is reportedly in an especally strong position to acquire hostess assets, even though the company has made no specific statements about hostess. meanwhile, 18,500 hostess workers are in the process of being terminated. the company said it plans to retain about 3,200 employees to help with the year-long wind-down of the company. if you want to purchase all the gifts mentioned in "the twelve days of christmas," know that you'll
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2